About Session: Newborn

newborn booking considerations
Retaining your session is based upon your due date to guarantee a time slot in estimated schedule. Once baby is born, please be in contact with me so that we could make an official date and time based upon your baby’s actual birth day.

Newborns photograph best during the first 2 weeks after birth. The absolute best time is when baby is 5-10 days old, but at least 3 days post shots or 5 days post circumcision. This is best because they are more sleepy, still itty-bitty, and are most willing to be posed. I am a breastfeeding-friendly photographer (I, myself, am still nursing my baby!) and am confident in working with your baby without the use of encouraging artificial nipples- unless it’s what your family is using. 🙂 I fully understand that newborns are both messy and need frequent eating breaks. Because of this, your session could go anywhere from 60 minutes to 3 hours, possibly a little longer if it is a combo session.
preparing for your newborn session
While I have a handful of tricks I use to help your baby cooperate and stay safe during our session, there are a few ways that you can help me prepare prior to my arrival:
First, please fill out the form below or that you can find here: Newborn Questionnaire.

Please keep in mind the times your baby seems happiest (tends to be morning, but all babies are different!) and the times certain rooms of your house is brightest from natural sunlight. Please also consider that the room needs to be a neutral, light colored room so it doesn’t cast colors onto the photos. These two factors are important when confirming your session time post baby’s arrival. Let me know as soon as possible that your baby has been born so that we can adjust the date of your session if needed or if I need to bring in synthetic lighting.

Next, Gather anything you may want to include in the session. Family heirlooms such as beanies, blankets, bears, etc. are great to include. I always recommend your favorite headbands, knit blankets, etc., as well. I do bring a bunch of my own items, but this helps keeps each session unique. Please text me a photo of these items to 480.290.2256 so that I may coordinate!If you are breastfeeding, avoid eating foods that will stir up baby’s tummy the few days prior to our session.
Also, the most that I will take of your home is your family on your bed or baby in his/her’s. Please do NOT clean your house for the session, as I am not worried about it and you don’t need the extra stress. I have two munchkins of my own so I totally get it!
I also recommend that clients do their own “homework.” Start a board on Pinterest with photos of clothing, makeup looks and a dozen or so poses that inspire you. You can set this private and invite me to view if you’d like!
“day of” prep
A few hours before our session, prepare the area of your home where we will be having the session. Please keep the area warm (turn up the heat or turn down the AC) to about 80-85*F. I always joke that if I’m not sweating, baby is cold… but there is actually a lot of truth to this joke! Baby will be naked in a few pictures and is unable to regulate his/her body temperature yet, so it is important we keep him/her safely comfortable. This also helps the skin look less blotchy and baby sleep better.
Please have a handful of diapers and wipes ready for when needed, as well as pacifiers and bottles if applicable.
Set aside any items that you will be wanting to utilize in session.
Put baby in a button or zip up onesie or something that doesn’t go over his/her head (so I can keep him/her asleep!). If you don’t have one, swaddling him/her in a blanket totally works!

what to expect during the session
I believe that everyone, regardless of their age, photographs best in their natural element; however, a large portion of my newborn backdrop and nature sessions are. Safety is my number one concern when working with all of my clients, but particularly your newborn baby. Because of this, I simply cannot guarantee any specific pose. I will do my best with what baby safely allows me to. The favorite combination pictures are often from a shot taken while you didn’t realize it was being done. It’s important for me that you and your family are comfortable, so we may spend some time talking before the session to break the ice. After that, it’s all about the moment being captured.

what to wear for combo sessions
Feel free to click the Pinterest link to see visual inspiration. The key is to be comfortable and to stay simple. Parents and family members in newborn sessions are encouraged to wear neutrals, black, or white. As natural and basic as possible is best, as it doesn’t distract from your precious new baby. Stay in the same color scheme and wear what is flattering, but also what you love and are happiest in. Some of my new mommies enjoy a beautiful silky robe while holding their baby, and the result is very comfortable yet sweet and beautiful. A lot of my clients will send me messages of outfit ideas, and I love this! It keeps us on the same page, while giving me confidence that I understand your vision and you confidence in what you’re wearing. It’s a win win!!
post session expectations
Once we have met for our photo session, I will select pictures from our session and edit them with Adobe products (Lightroom and Photoshop). About two to three weeks after your shoot (often sooner, but never later), I will send you a link to your online gallery to view your final images.

If you purchase digital files, they will be made available upon final payment via instant download by online gallery. This saves the environment – no need for a disc or thumb drive unless you request one – and saves you time as you can instantly download your images as soon as you’ve paid for them! This can be very helpful if you’re on a tight turn-around to create something special.

If you would like to purchase other items such as an album, canvas or prints, you will have a few weeks to place an order through the gallery. I recommend this because I go back in and confirm coloring, crop, etc. so I can better guarantee how it will turn out. I absolutely cannot guarantee quality if you print digital files yourself, unfortunately, due to my lack of control over the printers. About a week later, your gorgeous purchases will arrive at your doorstep.

The Individual Prints, Digital File Collections, and Signature Packages are as follows:


Mounting and texture options are also available for prints in addition to glossy canvases and metal prints with easels or metal posts. Products such as picture books, accordion books, calendars, iPhone cases, magnets, and buttons are also available.

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