About Family Session

what to expect
I believe that everyone, regardless of their age, photographs best in their natural element. With this in mind, most shots won’t be posed but more so minor tweaking to ensure you are in the most flattering and comfortably realistic position possible.  The favorite pictures are often from a shot taken while you didn’t realize it was being done. It’s important for me that you and your family are comfortable, so we may spend some time talking before the session to break the ice. After that, it’s all about the moment being captured. Play, laughter, exploring the outdoors with the littles, and relaxation are key factors to great photos. We always have fun during our sessions! I may have a few simple suggestions here and there, but it won’t be anything intense or forced. Do expect me to say, “oooh, do that again!” and to run up and smooth your hair or shirt at least once.

session times
KelCC Photography specializes in natural light photography and also has a portable studio for in-home backdrop sessions. I rely on the beauty of natural sun light to complete the picture. Early morning before 8:30 am when things are still hazy and sunset aka “the golden hour” are the best times to avoid harsh lighting or excessive shadows.  This also helps avoid the “raccoon eye” look that happens when the sun is directly overhead. In home sessions are best during the brightest time of the day and need to be in a room with adequate indoor lighting and enough space to move around/set up. Remember to keep in mind nap and meal time for your children. With this in mind, your child will often be the deciding factor for when the session is over. When they are done, they’re done!

what to wear
The key is to be comfortable and to stay simple. I personally love deep rich colors, but this varies by the moment the photo is taken. Avoid logos and centered patters, as they distract. Go for the texture, overall prints (think florals or plaid), or go bare.. especially bare feet! Newborns are included in this bare concept, as their “birthday suit” or a simple covered diaper work best (baby butts make cute pictures; please understand that I am referring to this and their cute wrinkles when I say birthday suits!!). While you don’t have to match perfectly- it’s better not to!, do keep in mind what the other people in the session will be wearing. It is best to consider everyone’s wardrobe as one complete outfit rather than individual pieces. Stay in the same color scheme and wear what is flattering, but also what you love and are happiest in.  A lot of my clients will send me messages of outfit ideas, and I love this! It keeps us on the same page, while giving me confidence that I understand your vision and you confidence in what you’re wearing. It’s a win win!!  Parents and family members in newborn sessions are encouraged to wear black or white.
what to bring
Any accessory you would like is always welcome, but please let me know ahead of time so I may plan accordingly.  Have a special blanket that you want to use? Bring it! If you have kiddos, bribery objects (sad truth here, but it works!) help get them motivated to cooperate. If small children or babies will be present, favorite toys can be used to help them to look in the camera’s direction, as well as make them giggly. Anything else that is special to you and that you would like to be included is always welcome. Please let me know if you are going to be bringing a pet prior to the shoot.
prior to the session
Please fill out the Family Session Questionnaire at least one week prior to your session so I may meet your expectations as best as possible. Please also make sure all family members are well rested and fed.

post session expectations
Once we have met for our photo session, I will select pictures from our session, edit them, and place the fully edited images into your personal online Viewing Gallery. This gallery allows you to purchase digital files or high-quality professional prints and products, as well as share with family and friends. KelCC Photography highly recommends printing through the printing company we have a relationship with and cannot otherwise guarantee print quality such as color or cropping.

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