About Birthing Session

 what to expect
I believe that everyone, regardless of their age, photographs best in their natural element. With this in mind, most shots won’t be posed, with the exception of newborn backdrop and nature sessions.  The favorite pictures are often from a shot taken while you didn’t realize it was being done. It’s important for me that you and your family are comfortable, so we may spend some time talking before the session to break the ice. After that, it’s all about the moment being captured. Play, laughter, explorating the outdoors with the littles, and relaxation are key factors to great photos. We always have fun during our sessions! I may have a few simple suggestions here and there, but it won’t be anything intense or forced. Do expect me to say, “oooh, do that again!” and to run up and smooth your hair or shirt at least once.

session times
KelCC Photography understands that birthing isn’t typically planned. As a result, you will received 2 weeks prior to the due date and a week post as a reserved “on call” time period. When booking the session, we will use the due date just to keep it simple. Should you happen to have your baby early, let me know as soon as possible and I will make accommodations. It is also important that you keep me updated on any progress your body makes towards delivering. It is better to overshare (I’m a mommy and a doula student!) than it is to not keep me in the know. I have yet to miss a birth and don’t want to change this!

Please tell your doctor or midwife that you will have a birthing photographer at your baby’s very first birthday party. Upon booking by way of paying the invoice and signing the contract, please fill out the Birthing Session Form as soon as possible so that we are on the same page with what you’d like. While you are birthing, it is important that I blend in to your environment as much as possible so as to respect your space. I won’t be able to ask you questions while you’re delivering, so it is important you fill me in with your wants and desires prior.

post session expectations
Once we have met for our photo session, I will select pictures from our session, edit them, and place the fully edited images into your personal online Viewing Gallery. This gallery allows you to purchase digital files or high-quality professional prints and products, as well as share with family and friends. KelCC Photography highly recommends printing through the printing company we have a relationship with and cannot otherwise guarantee print quality such as color or cropping.

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